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This is my railfan site.



I found that the most important thing in my life is my faith.


2000 years ago, Jesus Christ formed a Church.  If we follow history, we find that The Church has been still following the teachings of Jesus and and there is really only One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.  Jesus promised that His Church would be protected from the Gates of Hell and His Church would be led by Peter, and his successors.  So, if those who claim that the Catholic Church was led away, then Jesus either was a fake or a fool.  I believe that Jesus Christ is God.  If you would like to find some information on the Catholic Church, The Eternal Word TV Network is a place to start.



The largest church in America is the Ex-Catholics.  Over the past 50 years ago, we found that we were failing to teach the beliefs of the Catholic Church.  Instead of teaching basics, we spent our time making banners and singing Kumbai songs.  I thank God that I was taught by priests and nuns who forced us to memorize cathecism questions.  We didn't really understand what we learned until later years when it made sense.  "Why did God make me?"  "God made me to know Him, God made me to love Him, God made me to serve Him, and God made me to be happy with Him forever."  And now we find so many people who have no idea why they are here. 

A lot of people now are finding their way back to the Church. 



These are the feet of a baby 10 weeks after conception.  For more information just tickle them.



I grew up in the Milwaukee area and we learned that the only kind of music that was worthwhile is Polka.  We would listen on the radio at noon and we could hear Heinie and His Grenediers on WTMJ.  The rest of the day meant turning on WMIL and listen to Fritz the Plumber.  When we were older, we would go to the Swiss Club on Fridays with fish fry and zither music.  On Saturday we went to the Balkan with a tamburitza group and had sarma (Bosnian stuffed cabbage leaves).  When I moved to Peoria, I met Nancy and we ended getting married because she did the polka.  Then we came to Texas and we had to accept Mexican polkas, which wasOK.  We had plenty of records so that we could still have music.  We did go to some of the neat areas in Texas like Ennis, West, New Braunfels, and Fredericksburg.  But it meant a trip.  A few years ago we got a radio program in Dallas with one hour of Polka.  Then it went to two hours.  Wow.  Then we discovered RFD-TV which has Polka.  In March 2012, we went to Ennis where they had a show which set up their program and that was a lot of fun.  We also had a chance to meet other polka fanatics.  We are not really nuts.  While we were there we found that there are internet radio programs.  Now we can hear polka day and night.  God is wonderful.  He gives us Polka.  And we don't need to spend all our time watching news and weather. 




My sister has a web site regarding her art works.  Beautiful stuff and it is wonderful when you have a sibling with special talents.



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Memorial of Saint Cera of Kilkeary

Choose Life



A man must always be ready, for death comes when and where God wills it.

  Saint John Neumann